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Corporate services

One-to-one and small group language training for business people and busy individuals who require language skills for work, travel and play.

Communicate with confidence with training from Classic (Graduate) Tutors. Image credit: Shutterstock Our language courses are designed to either accommodate groups or provide one-on-one tuition. Each training programme is customised to meet students’ requirements. Most language training programmes are designed to last 18 weeks but can be extended or shortened as required. Classes are generally held twice a week for between 90 to 120 minutes per session.

For those who desire a more intensive learning experience, we can custom-design language training programs for any frequency and length of time, such as daily morning or lunch-time classes, one-week all-day training or weekend seminars.

As a part of your organisation's training commitment, private tuition can play an important role. Whether you are seeking a course catered to the individual at the pace required for your employee, or for a more standard course for a mixed ability group, we can devise a course suitable for your development plan’s and your staff’s requirements.

In addition to language training, we also offer a professional interpretation service in French and German. Please ask for a free quote for this service.

We have provided training and/or language services for staff from many international organisations including Sony UK, Gillette, Quantel, Bilomatik, Royal Mail, Choice Point and Berry Brothers and Rudd.